New York Defensive Driving Course

discount100% Online NY Defensive Driving Course.
It can be really challenging reaching a defensive driving class. That’s not a problem anymore! Our Online Defensive Driving course is offered online. All that is required is a computer with a connection to the Internet. We fully understand the most difficult part of going to a defensive driving course is fitting it inside your restricted schedule. Since our course is totally over the Internet, may be carried out in numerous visits, and is actually available 24 hours daily, we have addressed the problem of going to a classroom.


dmv logoNew York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Approved!
Our NY Defensive Driving Course is provided by the American Safety Institute and has been approved by the NY State DMV. Because our program meets the criteria of the NY State DMV, you are guaranteed to obtain a 10% car insurance discount plus a 4 point reduction on your license after you have finished the program.


Online Defensive Driving
The New York Defensive Driving Course is now available as a DMV accepted online option instead of in-class driving schools. The New York State DMV has permitted individual programs to be accessible over the Internet, which will meet your 6-hour class requirements, just as if you had attended a classroom course.

Happy beautiful girl showing thumbs up isolated on white backgroundResidents in New York may make the decision to complete our state accredited Online Defensive Driving Course to get 4 traffic violation points decreased from their driving record plus a 10% premium decrease on their Auto Insurance.

Completing the NY Defensive Driving Course online is helpful in multiple ways. Our Online defensive driving course is accessible 24 hours each day. So you can log on to our program at your personal convenience, any time throughout the day or night. An extra advantage is the capability to take the web-based program in several sessions. Therefore you can actually finish 10 or 15 minutes of the program, log out, and as soon as you return to the course, you can pick up at the place you left off.

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